Local Funding Sources: Mississippi

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Plunge into your research for Mississippi State funders! But don’t stop here! Get powerful how-to information, resources, and tools to help you win grant funding—some free, some for a fee. The Grantsmanship Center provides this state-by-state funding data as a public service, but this is only the beginning of what you can get and learn with our help.


Learn much more than 'grant writing.' Get your programs funded because your grant proposals are compelling and they target the right funders. See which training is best for you. They're all fast-paced, inspiring, and packed with the most current and critical information.

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The textbook, Grantsmanship: Program Planning & Proposal Writing, takes you step-by-step through developing winning grant proposals. Get how-to information that demystifies the process of finding grantmakers in the article "How to Find the Right Funders—A Strategic Approach." Check out "Where’s the Money? Find the Right Funding," is a great place to start.

GrantDomain  Get access to our full database of grantmakers. It’s expanded far beyond the free information here. Many of our training programs include access to GrantDomain.




The Grantsmanship Center is a social enterprise, founded in 1972, that provides training, publications, and consulting. We’re a technical assistance organization—we do not give out grants. We are not a funder. Attend our training. Read our publications. Let The Grantsmanship Center teach you to write powerful, successful grant proposals. The Center’s alumni are 130,000 strong and come from nonprofits, universities, government agencies, schools, hospitals, and Native American organizations and tribes. Join us!