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Current Scholarship Status

Due to the pandemic, we're not delivering our standard, in-person training at this time. High demand for our recently developed, online training often exceeds capacity. However, we're ramping up our schedule to meet this demand.

Sometimes, we have a wait-list of organizations who have applied and qualify for partial scholarships. You're welcome to apply and we'll respond regarding your application status. We wish we could accommodate every scholarship request but, unfortunately, the hard reality is that scholarships are limited.

The Grantsmanship Training Program-Online standard tuition is $1,095 plus $45 for the textbook. The partial scholarship tuition is $547.50, or one-half the tuition.

Essential Grant Skills -Online standard tuition is $495 plus $45 for the textbook. The parital scholarship tuition is $247.50, or one-half the tuition.

Many grantmakers across the U.S. have underwritten the cost of our training for nonprofits in their service area because they understand how it benefits their community (and they say it makes their jobs easier when they get better proposals). You may want to check with your local funders to see if they're willing and able to assist with some of the cost. A number of work development programs will also cover expenses for our training.



To fill out our applications digitally, click each application link. If it's not instantly form fillable, then select "View with a different reader" and then "Open with Adobe Reader" so you can type in your response. Printing and filling out the form manually is also accepted.


The Grantsmanship Center® Partial-Scholarships

We know that some smaller organizations doing great work struggle to fit training into their budget, no matter how much they need or want it. So The Grantsmanship Center provides a limited number of partial-scholarships for every Grantsmanship Training Program® and Essential Grant Skills training we offer to the public.

Recipients must be working with a nonprofit organization that has:

  • an IRS designation as a 501(c)(3) organization, and
  • a budget of $750,000 or less.

Your seat will be secured only after we receive payment. If another applicant is approved and pays before you, you could miss this opportunity.

Sorry, these scholarships are not available to individuals or to organizations that are based outside of the United States.

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For in-person training, partial scholarships cover half of the full tuition cost. For online training, scholarships are for a partial amount which will vary during the period when the intro discounts are still active. If all scholarships have already been awarded for a particular class, we will place you on a wait-list, or you are welcome to register at full price, if seats are still available.


Special Scholarships

Two half-scholarships are awarded annually to nonprofits attending our in-person training for each special scholarship below.


Dorothy Watson Smith Scholarship (Southern U.S)

Dorothy Watson Smith was a passionate reader and cared deeply about the natural world. She was a light to her family and friends and lived a life of integrity and generosity. Scholarship recipients are selected by the family of Dorothy Watson Smith. Literacy and environmental organizations may have an advantage, but all types of 501(c)(3) nonprofits may apply.

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Christine Lavery Scholarship (San Diego, CA)

Christine Lavery was an extraordinary and passionate educator who devoted her life to cutting-edge, effective teaching for all age groups. She was especially attuned to those with special needs. Scholarship recipients are selected by the family of Christine Lavery who work and reside in the San Diego area. All 501(c)(3) nonprofits may apply; educational and environmental organizations are of special interest.

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Miriamma Carson Scholarship (Seattle/Tacoma, WA)

Miriamma Carson worked as both a midwife and an educator, inspiring better, healthier beginnings for babies and their families. Selection is made by the family of Miriamma Carson and colleagues who continue to carry on her legacy. All types of 501(c)(3) nonprofits may apply.

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