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To help you get grants and make your work more effective...

...we’ve got lots of information to guide you!


Publications for Purchase

Hard copy publications include Grantsmanship: Program Planning & Proposal Writing, Norton Kiritz’s classic guide, now with new and expanded content from Barbara Floerschready to inform and ignite a new generation to win grants for worthy causes.


Digital publications include How to Find the Right Funders: A Strategic Approach, as well as the first three articles of our new Grant Management Series by Henry Flood.


The Grantsmanship Center Blog

The Center’s Chief of Training & Curriculum, Barbara Floersch, hosts our blog, inviting other trainers and experts to contribute regularly.



Take a 3-minute professional development break. Our colorful, easy-to-digest mini-webcasts address critical grant proposal writing issues and provide useful tips.  If there’s a topic you’d like see covered, email


The Grantsmanship Center News Article Archive

Many articles published in The Grantsmanship Center News and Magazine have become classics in the field. We’ve sorted through our archives to identify those that remain relevant and valuable today and offer them to you to read at no cost. Read them here.



On the bus, in your car—sometimes it’s easier to listen than to read. That’s why we’ve turned many of The Grantsmanship Center’s most popular classic articles into podcasts.


FAQs: Ask Our Trainers

Read answers to questions from our alumni. We update these regularly.