Membership Overview

You'll leave your Grantsmanship Center training excited and ready to put your new skills and knowledge to work—and we'll help you do just that! As a training graduate, you receive an account in The Grantsmanship Center Membership Program at no cost. The Membership Program gives our alumni a variety of tools and services, and you can renew the account after the initial term ends.


Our team at The Grantsmanship Center is dedicated to making your membership experience the most beneficial professional support you'll ever find. That's a tall order, so let us know if there's anything we can do for you.

If you graduated from the Grantsmanship Training Program prior to 2001, the year the Membership Program began, please contact or call Roger at (800) 421-9512 or (213) 482-9860 for information about purchasing a membership account.

The specific benefits a member receives vary depending on the training attended. Here is a complete list of the tools and services provided through the Membership Program. The Membership Benefits Chart also details which benefits graduates of our various training programs receive.


Menu of Member Benefits

GrantDomain — Funding Research Database

Grantsmanship Center alumni receive access to GrantDomain, our user-friendly database of government, foundation, and corporate funders.  The database is constantly updated and is a primary support tool that allows members to search for funders in a variety of ways. Records for private funders contain an overview of the funders and links to their websites. Records for government funders include links to websites and to full application instructions.

People who are not alumni of our trainings can access this same tool through an annual paid ($495) subscription to GrantDomain.

Grant Proposal Review

After completing a 3- or 5-day training, alumni receive one year of Full Membership. Full Membership benefits include one proposal review per year. A Center trainer reviews your 'best effort' draft and suggests how you can make your proposal more competitive. This service, valued between $250 and $750, depending on the length and nature of the proposal, is an exceptional way to reinforce skills learned during training programs.

After completing a 2-day training, alumni receive a 6-month Associate Membership, benefits include a 25% discount for a proposal review.

Discounts on Grantsmanship Center Trainings

The Center encourages alumni to continue their professional development, and to build program planning and proposal development teams within their organization. To do this, we offer members, and others from their organization, tuition discounts for trainings.

Discounts on Publications

Members receive a 10% discount on the Center’s expanding catalog of articles and publications.

Discounts on Consulting Services

Because sometimes additional assistance is needed, Members receive discounts on fees for our consulting services.

Benefits from the Center’s Strategic Partners

To expand benefits to our members, the Center is developing a coalition of Strategic Partners. Our Strategic Partner organizations have missions compatible with the Center, and provide services useful to our members. Visit our Strategic Partners page to learn about available benefits.