Research Proposal Workshop

Research careers often depend on grant skills

Researchers who rely on external funding know their careers may rise or fall depending upon their ability to secure grants. With stakes this high, it only makes sense to build knowledge and skills to compete successfully.

Who should take this training

The Research Proposal Workshop is designed for those seeking funds to conduct research in the bench sciences, social sciences, and humanities. It was originally developed in 2004 in partnership with Sigma Xi, The Science Research Society and is continually updated to keep pace with latest developments in the field.

Because this training is geared specifically for those conducting research at institutions of higher learning, it is only offered as a sponsored option where it is customized for the sponsor's selected audience. Designed as a one, two or three day training, it covers major components of developing competitive research proposals. It's dynamically delivered using presentation, dialog and  various hands-on exercises.

This training has been well-received at universities, health organizations, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). Participants include researchers, university and college faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and doctoral students.

"I got the grant! If I hadn't learned to focus my aims, my proposal could have been interpreted as a giant fishing expedition no one would fund. I am deliriously happy! Thanks for an excellent class!"
Michelle Block, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Virginia Commonwealth University, Dept. of Anatomy & Neurobiology
Richmond, Virginia

What you learn

Every research proposal includes a predictable set of components, all of which are important. Addressing all of the review criteria effectively is essential for a well-reasoned plan that has potential to get funded.

The Research Proposal Workshop helps participants design an approach for addressing required components in a way that ensures a logical flow of information that will secure good scores during reviews. As you explore each component, you learn how to incorporate planning into your work and how to present your proposed research in the most compelling and competitive way.

You also explore a number of fundamental questions that are critical to success:

  • How can you use the abstract, title, and research aim sections to market crucial concepts?
  • What are major factors that affect success in a competitive process?
  • How can you strengthen each section of your proposal?
  • How do review processes work? How does understanding these processes increase your chances of funding?
  • What are the best ways to identify potential funding sources and to develop relations with grant makers?


How you learn

The Research Proposal Workshop uses our Listen & Discuss, Do & Review® curriculum to help you most effectively frame your research question, discuss the significance of your research for a specific field and for society, distil your research into an effective abstract, and clearly convey your skills as an investigator. Information is actively applied, using best practices for adult learners. Concepts are reinforced and more information is retained because of class exercises and interaction with trainers.


Follow-up support after the training

As a graduate of the Research Proposal Workshop, you receive 12 months of full membership in The Grantsmanship Center’s Membership Program--at no additional cost! This helps you…

  • Strengthen a proposal. You have a full year after the workshop to submit a proposal to one of our trainers for advice on how to improve it.
  • Find funders. You receive a full year of access to GrantDomain, our user-friendly, continuously updated database of foundation, corporate, and federal grantmakers. GrantDomain helps you target appropriate funders, while saving you aggravation, time, and money.
  • Build your own skills or those of your team. After you complete the Research Proposal Workshop, you or one other person from your organization may attend our 5-day Grantsmanship Training Program for 50% off the regular tuition.
  • Enjoy discounts on publications, consulting services, and more.


How to attend

This highly specialized workshop is sponsored by universities and other research-related institutions exclusively for its own faculty and staff or for specially designated groups.


Bring this Workshop to Your Community

This training is offered in partnership with sponsors at research institutions and universities.  Please let us know if you'd like to discuss bringing this training to your institution:

Barbara Floersch, Executive Director:   (800) 421-9512 ext 232

Cathleen Kiritz, President:    (800) 421-9512 ext 230

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