Social Enterprise for Nonprofits

Fresh, sustainable income streams

To secure your work and to demonstrate your sustainability to grantmakers, you’ve got to move outside the “let’s get a grant” box. This 2-day training helps participants establish a plan for building a steady, reliable earned income stream for their nonprofit organizations in a way that is compatible with their organization's mission.


What you learn

During this training, you identify and assess an earned income opportunity; practice market research, pricing strategies, operational plans, and financial analysis; and work with a small team to develop a mini-business plan. The curriculum includes:

How to approach social enterprise while supporting your organization’s mission:

  • Build on current activities, existing capabilities and established stakeholder relationships
  • Turn your agency’s strengths into business opportunities
  • Guard against “mission drift”
  • Understand tax implications and protecting IRS status 
  • Support and capitalize on your organization’s culture and capabilities

How to evaluate a social enterprise opportunity:

  • Brainstorm and identify business opportunities
  • Analyze your organization’s current customers
  • Perform preliminary market research
  • Do feasibility testing
  • Determine your competitive advantage

How to develop, grow, and diversify an earned income program:

  • Know what it takes to manage an enterprise
  • Avoid diffusion of staff time and focus
  • Develop your customer base
  • Develop new or related products
  • Diversify into entirely new areas
  • Preclude concerns of unfair competition from existing businesses
  • Hone your core competencies
  • Prepare an implementation plan


How you learn

The Social Enterprise for Nonprofits training uses our Listen & Discuss, Do & Review® curriculum. Under the guidance of your social enterprise trainer, a seasoned expert in this field, you participate in presentations, discussions, lots of Q&A, and practical, hands-on exercises. Using best practices for adult learners, concepts come alive as they are practiced while you learn.


You’re not alone when the training is over

As a graduate of Social Enterprise for Nonprofits, you receive six months of Associate Membership in The Grantsmanship Center’s Membership Program at no additional cost. This helps you…

  • Find funders. You have access to GrantDomain, our user-friendly, continuously updated database of foundation, corporate, and federal grantmakers. GrantDomain helps target appropriate funders, while saving aggravation, time, and money.
  • Continue to upgrade your skills. You receive discounts on training, publications, consulting services, and more!
  • Find the answers you need. Ask The Center! Need help untangling application guidelines or handling tricky situations? We're here to help our alumni find answers.


Bring this Workshop to Your Community!

Social Enterprise for Nonprofits is now available only as a sponsored option. If you'd like to bring this training to your community please call or email us for more information. We'd love to hear from you!

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