Proposal Review Tools

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Designed Specifically for Foundation Staff

Proposal Review Tools provides foundation staff with resources to help move their mission forward. In this training, participants examine the fundamentals of designing programs in a way that helps to ease and streamline the grant proposal review process.

What You Learn

Through team-work, discussion, and group activities, participants:

  • Assess the relationship between a problem, its causes, and the proposed program
  • Determine whether proposed outcomes are reasonable, realistic, and meaningful
  • Assess the plan for program implementation and its potential for achieving outcomes
  • Appraise the cost-to-benefit ratio by examining the budget

Equipped with a deep understanding of program design, foundation staff will be more prepared to:

  • Determine which programs are most likely to be successful
  • Suggest well-considered changes in approach
  • Request specific, additional information to clarify potential for impact
  • Construct due-diligence interview questions to explore potential productive partnerships
  • Deliver technical assistance for grantees


Bring This Workshop to Your Staff

We're happy to talk with you about how this training can benefit your foundation.

Email Cathleen Kiritiz, President,, or call (800) 421-9512 ext 6.

You may also want to visit our  Customized Training page.