Training Overview

When you want results!

A follow-up study of 125 of our graduates found they had won grants totaling over $5 million within six months of completing the 5-day Grantsmanship Training Program. Every one of those graduates left the training with a draft of a full proposal, sections of a proposal, a proposal outline, a project timeline, or a business plan - tangible work they could use immediately. No matter which of our trainings you complete, you’ll leave with something too.

When you want to learn more than just “grant writing”

It’s about the thinking, not just the writing. We help you focus on program planning, developing logical and compelling proposals, mastering powerful research tools, and building partnerships to increase impact. You'll also learn about clear, direct writing and how to submit your proposal, whether on paper or electronically. This deep and comprehensive approach is the heart of our trainingbecause it works!

Don't just take our word for it

An independent  evaluation of 381 Grantsmanship Training Program graduates found that their new skills had strengthened their  organizations and increased grant success. The organizations were using funder research tools more effectively; doing better program planning; defining more measurable outcomes; starting or improving evaluation processes; placing  more emphasis on program sustainability; and collaborating more effectively with other organizations.

When your organization wants more financial stability

Depending only on grant funding can leave an organization in a vulnerable spot. That's why we also provide Social Enterprise for Nonprofits—a powerful way to produce income by tapping ready resources that align with your organization's mission. Rise above the crowd of grantseekers by demonstrating ongoing financial savvy and strength. 

When you want a dynamic, hands-on learning experience

All that energy you find in our classrooms? It’s the training, not the coffee.  Using our lively Listen & Discuss, Do & Review® curriculum, you’ll put new knowledge into practice immediately, build solid skills, and retain what you’re learning. And you’ll probably have a good time.

When you want an expert, caring mentor

Your trainer will guide you through every step of the training. All our trainers have deep and solid experience in the field, up-to-date expertise, and practical know-how. They are skilled presenters who can hold an audience. And they care about your success.

When you want follow-up support as part of the package

We’re here for you after you complete your training—you’re not alone. We’ll welcome you into The Grantsmanship Center’s Membership Program and provide you with extensive follow-up services at no additional cost.


The Grantsmanship Center Training  — Proven Results!

Grantsmanship Training Program

This 5-day training gives you deep and comprehensive understanding of the world of grants. It covers all aspects of grant proposal development and is continuously updated to address current trends and best practices. If you’re new to the field, you’ll get a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. If you’re an experienced proposal writer, it will expand and deepen your expertise. Many highly experienced grants specialists return to the Grantsmanship Training Program® for a professional development tune-up. The Listen & Discuss, Do & Review curriculum has been refined through thousands of successful classes, and an ongoing study by an independent evaluator, funded by several of California’s top foundations, confirms what our graduates have been saying since 1972: This training works!

Essential Grant Skills

In this 2-day workshop, you examine the entire process for grant proposal writing, while doing in-depth work in the specific areas where even experienced grants professionals can run into trouble. The ability to identify these areas and overcome the problems they present is crucial to your success. Through discussions and practical exercises, hone those skills that bring success. Then draft the most critical sections of a grant proposal and leave class with a solid outline for completing the proposal with your organization.

Competing for Federal Grants

If your organization receives federal funds, or hopes to, this 5-day training raises your chances of success. Thousands of organizations in the U.S. depend on federal grants, but competition is tougher than ever. The skills you develop and practice in this training are the ones that can keep your organization in the running: understanding the playing field, having a game plan in place, interpreting and following application guidelines, knowing how to “write for points.” [You don’t have to be an expert in proposal writing to benefit from this training, but if you have no experience at all, we recommend starting out with the Grantsmanship Training Program or Essential Grant Skills.]

Grant Management Essentials

In this 2-day workshop you examine the legal and policy considerations of grant management, but more than that, you focus on the tasks, responsibilities, practices, and real-world situations that grant managers confront every day. It’s an approach we call "operational realism." Using The Grantsmanship Center’s proven Listen & Discuss, Do & Review ® curriculum, this workshop immerses you in spot-on presentations, lively discussions, and hard-hitting class exercises. Extensive workshop materials include checklists to use on the job, as well as articles on critical grant management topics written by Henry Flood. Flood, the Center’s Senior Advisor for Grant Management is lead developer for this workshop. In May 2013, Flood was presented with a lifetime achievement award by the National Association for Grants Management.

Research Proposal Workshop

Winning grant funds is essential for researchers and often critical for career advancement. This training is designed for university faculty members, post-docs, and other researchers in the hard sciences, social sciences, or humanities. It focuses on project development and planning and how to draft credible, compelling proposals that thoroughly respond to research demands. This is a 3-day training when open to the public. In most cases, this training is sponsored by universities and research institutes, the training is not open to the public, and the time frame varies. If you're interested in hosting or sponsoring this training we'd be happy to talk with you. Contact: Barbara Floersch, Director: (213) 482-9860 x232,, or Cathleen Kiritz, President: (213) 482-9860 x230,

Social Enterprise for Nonprofits

Earned income is a sustainable, expandable resource that supports your organization and helps sustain programs you may have started with grant funding. In this 2-day training, you learn proven strategies for planning, developing, financing, and growing earned-income revenue streams. Whether you want to launch your first social enterprise or strengthen an existing one, discover how to create additional income by building on current activities, capabilities, and relationships--all while advancing your mission.