Online Grant Training & Webinar Schedule

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Win grants! 4 Steps to
Become a Top Competitor

Learn the four steps of competitiveness and become a formidable contender for grant funding. Examine your organization's strengths and weaknesses with our self assessment tool.


How to Build Sustainability
Into Your Program Plan

You can't run the program without the grant, but the funder wants to know how you’ll continue the program’s impact once the grant ends! It’s a catch-22. Right? We'll show you how to handle the much-dreaded sustainability question by developing a program plan that focuses on continuing impact.


How to Find Grantmakers
to Fund Your Cause

Learn a thorough, methodical way to identify funders that are most likely to be interested in your work. Determine the amount to request from each funder and turn your research into a plan of action for submitting grant proposals.