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Plan terrific programs and put together a winning grant proposal that funders will want to read and support. Learn how to find the right funders—those who care about your cause and want to help. It's not magic. And it's much more than 'grant writing.' It's a process you can master and we’ll show you how. Join this hands-on training hosted by many communities throughout the U.S. Sign up, get funding, and create change!


PUBLICATIONS   Get the practical, straight-forward information you need to win grants. Start with Grantsmanship Program Planning & Proposal Writing, the new and best manual on how to develop grant proposals that get funded. It's easy to understand, and provides step-by-step guidance with lots of examples. Find funders who will support your work with "How to Find the Right Funders—A Strategic Approach" a 19-page article. We’ve got lots more! Check out our other publications.

GrantDomain  Get funder information—right at your fingertips. Search our database of foundation, corporate, and government grantmakers using keywords and key phrases. Find the elusive RFP and get a headstart on your grant cycle. FREE access to this database is included with many of our training programs.


FREE RESOURCES   Funding State-by-State is just one of the many free resources we give you.  Just scroll down the page and begin exploring the grantmakers in your area. But don’t stop here! Check out the free article on our home page: "Where’s the Money? Find the Right Funding." And read our blogs and archived articles—they're loaded with the best thinking and how-to information collected from our 44 years of helping people get to build better communities.

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