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Ode to Bill Zinsser


I was in my garage, rushing to work when my cell phone rang:  “This is Bill Zinsser—did you call me?”  Yes I had. In that moment I’d have dropped the phone on the cement if I’d not been clutching it so tightly at the sound of his name. I stood transfixed.


Planning vs. Program Grants - part 2 of 2

While developing a proposal for a planning grant is much the same as developing a request for a program grant, there are a few important differences. This 2-part series looks at the most critical sections of a grant proposal in terms of these differences.

Part 1 covers the Problem, Outcomes and Methods sections of a proposal; part 2 covers the Evaluation and Budget sections. This series is an excerpt from the addendum of Grantsmanship: Program Planning & Proposal Writing, available October 2014. Enjoy!

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