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Why do I need grant training?

Why do I need grant training?

It’s possible to apply for and receive a grant without any formal training. However, if you’ve tried and failed to secure grant funding, training will help you avoid common mistakes and incorporate best practices into your work so you’ll significantly improve your chances for success.

Step one for getting a grant: You need to identify appropriate funders for your work. Sending a generic grant request to every funder who shows up on a Google search is NOT a winning strategy. This is called a “shotgun” approach and usually gets little to no response. To succeed, you need to reach those grantmakers whose interests align with yours. We show you how to find those funders. It’s not rocket science, but there are quite a number of “dos” and “don’ts” so it’s easier and much quicker to have someone show you than to figure it out yourself.

Step two: Write a clear, logical proposal that meets the funder’s guidelines and clearly explains exactly what you’re concerned about, the results you want to achieve, why it’s important to address the issue, and the approach you’ll use to produce positive change. You’ll also need to explain other things like your credentials for the job, the budget, how you’ll evaluate the outcomes, etc. Daunting? It can be. That’s why we help with the process to make it something you can understand and get a grip on.

Since 1972 The Grantsmanship Center has provided the model (used all over the world) for how to write effective grant proposals. You want to do things to improve the world and we’re here to help you do it! For specifics and some free advice check out Getting the Grant 101. Sign up for our mailing list to keep in touch.