Partnering Overview

Groups of trainees


"Hosting the Center's training is a cost-effective way to increase our grant development capacity while providing a community service."

Betsy Till, Senior Director
Corporate & Foundation Relations, UNM Foundation
Albuquerque NM

Join thousands of organizations—community-based nonprofits, universities, Native American groups, municipalities, state agencies, hospitals, community coalitions, and others— who have partnered with us to make top-of-the-line training available to their staff and their communities.

Raise your organization’s visibility and showcase its commitment to your mission when you host a training from The Grantsmanship Center. Strengthen relationships with other grant proposal developers and local grantmakers by bringing our training to your audience. Learn more about the difference between hosting and sponsoring at the links below and give us a call at (800) 421-9512 or (213) 482-9860 to speak with our training coordinators.




Earn up to three full tuition scholarships for your staff! You provide the facility, logistical support, and coordinate with our staff to publicize the training in your region. Our team works with you to promote and fill the class. Enrollment is limited to 30 or 40 people, depending on the training, so each participant gets plenty of personal attention.

What’s your cost? Nothing. We reimburse for your expenses and we cover all trainer fees. Take a look at some of our happy hosting partners from around the country.
Give us a call. If you’re interested in hosting, but we’re already planning a training in your area or have an established host there, then we’ll explore a collaboration.




You choose the training, the date, and the participants. We supply the expertise, the inspiration, and all training materials. We customize the training to suit your audience, if desired.

What’s the cost? That depends on the type and length of training you choose and the level of customization. Let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen. The fee is inclusive and covers preparation and delivery of the training, all trainer travel, and all class materials so the only surprises will be good ones.