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  • On-site trainer for 16 federal agencies, 7 state governments, and various local governments
  • Focus: grant management, education, federal laws & regulations

What’s a Community Foundation?

When you’re new to the world of grants, some confusion about terms is natural. The terms used to classify different types of foundations is no exception. The three most common types of foundations are private, corporate, and community. In a nutshell, private foundations get their money from private funds, corporate foundations are funded by the profits of a corporation, and community foundations are funded by public donations. Because they are funded by donations from the general public, community foundations are classified as tax-exempt public charities, not as private foundations.

Sample Grant Proposals and Grant Proposal Writing Templates


When you’re new to grants work, it’s helpful to study samples of winning grant proposals. Assessing examples of grant proposals that won awards can help you gauge the playing field and understand the level of work you must produce to succeed.

Non Profit Grant Funding

Grants are a great tool for nonprofits. Grants help foundations, corporations, and even government agencies engage in addressing community needs, so nonprofit professionals should constantly be looking for grants to support their community projects. When the funders you approach are a good fit with your organization’s work, and requests are well planned and propose meaningful change, grants can provide important resources to move your organization’s mission forward.

When seeking grant funding for nonprofit organizations, remember these important guidelines.

How to Write a Winning Nonprofit Grant Proposal

Many nonprofit professionals wonder how to get grants for their organization. The process may at first seem like stepping into a confusing labyrinth full of twists and turns, but once you learn the basics developing a winning nonprofit grant proposal is really very logical.

Beckman Coulter Foundation

Beckman Coulter Foundation
250 S. Kraemer Blvd.
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Company operations in: Brea, CA; Carlsbad, CA; Chatsworth, CA; Chino, CA; Pacifica, CA; Porterville, CA; West Sacramento, CA; Fort Collins, CO; Mystic, CT; Miami, FL; Miramar, FL; Opa Laka, FL; Atlanta, GA; Deerfield, IL; Palatine, IL; Park Ridge, IL; Schaumburg, IL; Wood Dale, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Spring Hill, KS; Florence, KY; Hebron, KY; Nicholasville, KY; Sykesville, MD; Woburn, MA; Chasksa, MN; Chesterfield, MO; Somerset, NJ; New York, NY; Pittsburgh, PA; Knoxville, TN; Memphis, TN; Arlington, TX; College Station, TX; Dallas, TX;
Total Grant Amount: 
$516 994