Top Giving Foundations: GA

Foundations have far-ranging interests. With some research, you’ll find one that's a “fit” for your work.

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They’re prescreened: they have a staff, issue RFPs, or otherwise indicate interest in receiving grant proposals. Some foundations are omitted, even though they award large grants, because they don’t accept unsolicited grant proposals. We list up to forty foundations for each state.

Foundation Name Total Annual Giving
Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, Inc. $179,684,027
The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta $113,804,910
The Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation $91,778,344
The Coca-Cola Foundation, Inc. $87,093,647
Home Depot Foundation $70,185,752
CDC Foundation $51,919,913
The UPS Foundation $47,548,585
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Inc. $45,675,250
The Goizueta Foundation $32,382,603
J. Bulow Campbell Foundation $27,597,928
O. Wayne Rollins Foundation $25,227,236
James M. Cox Foundation of Georgia, Inc. $23,398,608
Lettie Pate Evans Foundation, Inc. $21,317,440
The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation $14,709,468
Community Foundation of Central Georgia $11,277,911
Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley $10,829,953
Georgia Power Foundation, Inc. $9,538,345
Callaway Foundation, Inc. $9,478,410
The Community Foundation for the Central Savannah River Area $8,638,872
The Delta Air Lines Foundation $8,173,967
Chick-Fil-A Foundation, Inc. $8,146,364
Community Foundation of West Georgia $7,761,908
Bradley-Turner Foundation, Inc. $7,309,566
Community Foundation of South Georgia, Inc. $6,754,507
Southern Company Charitable Foundation, Inc. $6,589,558
The Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia $6,338,980
Turner Foundation, Inc. $5,763,097
The Sartain Lanier Family Foundation, Inc. $5,405,185
The Peyton Anderson Foundation, Inc. $4,921,452
Georgia-Pacific Foundation, Inc. $4,550,296
The Abraham J. and Phyllis Katz Foundation $4,495,638
Voya Foundation $4,399,352
Carlos and Marguerite Mason Trust $4,333,771
The Savannah Community Foundation $4,104,512
William I. H. and Lula E. Pitts Foundation $4,062,872
A.L. Williams, Jr. Family Foundation, Inc. $4,012,675
Healthcare Georgia Foundation $3,983,650
North Georgia Community Foundation $3,858,860
Arby's Foundation, Inc. $3,749,924
The Tull Charitable Foundation $3,451,634