Top Giving Foundations: CO

Foundations have far-ranging interests. With some research, you’ll find one that's a “fit” for your work.

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The foundations listed below are from GrantDomain. They’re prescreened: they have a staff, issue RFPs, or otherwise indicate interest in receiving grant proposals. Some foundations are omitted, even though they award large grants, because they don’t accept unsolicited grant proposals. We list up to forty foundations for each state.

Foundation Name Total Annual Giving
The Colorado Health Foundation $94,376,763
The Anschutz Foundation $63,729,024
The Denver Foundation $50,701,596
The Daniels Fund $41,371,076
El Pomar Foundation $23,682,731
Gates Family Foundation $16,969,887
Rose Community Foundation $12,085,833
The Gill Foundation $10,848,802
Boettcher Foundation $10,835,926
Bohemian Foundation $10,234,749
Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation $9,281,665
The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County $7,722,336
Adolph Coors Foundation $7,400,903
Global Greengrants Fund $7,360,480
The Colorado Trust $7,354,397
The Aspen Community Foundation $7,185,417
Community Foundation of Northern Colorado $5,559,242
Western Union Foundation $5,283,067
Henry P. Crowell and Susan C. Crowell Trust $4,743,150
Pikes Peak Community Foundation $4,098,124
Morris Animal Foundation $3,681,897
Bonfils-Stanton Foundation $3,189,607
Aspen Valley Medical Foundation $3,086,784
Hill Foundation $2,501,000
Western Colorado Community Foundation $2,488,613
The Anschutz Family Foundation $2,468,384
A.V. Hunter Trust, Inc. $2,445,384
Monfort Family Foundation $2,373,286
Southern Colorado Community Foundation $2,350,362
The Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation $2,162,461
General Service Foundation $2,117,180
Telluride Foundation $1,974,842
Delta Dental Plan of Colorado Foundation, Inc. $1,927,282
TYL Foundation $1,852,748
The Summit Foundation $1,750,358
The Winslow Foundation $1,738,023
MDC/Richmond American Homes Foundation $1,658,053
The Kinder Morgan Foundation $1,579,006
J.M. McDonald Foundation, Inc. $1,192,000
Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County $1,190,279