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President’s message about grant proposal writing, grant writing, grantwriting classes, resources & training, workshops & grant books

Welcome!  Looking for info & tools to write successful grant proposals so you can help your community? You're at the right place. 

Want a quick-start guide? Read the 3 articles above: Getting the Grant 101, Where's the Money? & Managing the Grant. This infohere at your fingertipsgives you a solid start and it's free!

You want to learn fast, effectively and retain what you learn? Great! That's why we designed "Listen & Discuss, Do & Review®" our trademarked curriculum, used for all our trainingsbecause it works! This is training where your mind and body don't sit still. It's active learning with colleagues and it lasts a lifetime. 

Whether you want to write grant proposals, award grants, manage grants or create earned income so you're not dependent on grants, we're here to help you do your job. We provide trainings, articles, books, webcasts, and blogs. Many of these resources are free.

Looking for funding sources? Check out "Funding State-by-State." It's another free resource with info about top grant-making foundations, community foundations, corporate giving programs and more! Browse through our classic and new articles (also free) and you'll be ready to tackle jobs that had seemed daunting. Want food for thought? Check out our blog.  

The Grantsmanship Center is rooted in optimism—we believe that investing time and money in planning and people pays off. That's why we always try to give more than you expect and deliver more than you pay for. Let us know how we can help make your work easier, faster, better, more rewarding. We want you to succeed—and we're here to help—because we all have a stake in building better communities. 

Cathleen Kiritz
Cathleen Kiritz, President
The Grantsmanship Center