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Grantsmanship: Program Planning & Proposal Writing

The New York Times referred to the original as “the grant seekers bible” because for more than 40 years it has set the standard for the grant development field. Used in more than 40 countries, translated into three languages, and the trusted companion of more than a million readers, now this guide is ready for the new generation!

Updated and expanded by Barbara Floersch, Executive Director of The Grantsmanship Center, this book, like the original, is inviting, clear, and the most comprehensive guide to planning and developing grant proposals.

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Price: $45.00

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How to Find the Right Funders: A Strategic Approach - digital

Get serious about finding the right funders! Understand the research tools and how to use them, the best ways to organize a search, and how to manage the information you find. 19 pages, includes 3 electronic forms!

Price: $15.00
What the Executive Director Must Know about Grant Administration - digital

Securing and managing grants is a vital part of the Executive Director's responsibility. But how can an ED assess the effectiveness of the grants effort, evaluate proposal writing, evaluate grant management, and effectively cope with the strings attached to grant awards? This 18-page article covers all the bases and provides 5 helpful electronic forms to help the ED keep the process on track.

Price: $15.00
How to Prepare a Grants Policy for Your Organization - digital

Good management skills alone won't ensure excellent grant administration. An organization-wide policy is essential. You must establish clear expectations and responsibilities, and articulate them in concise and unambiguous language. This 17-page article shows you how, and includes two sample policies.

Price: $10.00
How Does the Single Audit Act Affect Your Organization? - digital

Organizations that receive more than $500,000 in federal funds annually must undergo a rigorous financial and compliance review called a Single Audit. This 14-page article explains the practical and legal aspects of a Single Audit and provides a variety of resources to help your organization go into the process well-prepared.

Price: $10.00
You Won the Grant! What's Next? - digital

This extensive article on the basics of grant management (approximately 38 pages) is still in development, but we'll publish a digital version soon. If you'd like us to notify you when it's available to purchase, just email using the subject head "Please Notify Me When YOU WON THE GRANT Is Available" (no text necessary).

Price: $0.00
How to Handle the Financial Side of Grant Management - digital

This article is still in development, but we'll publish a digital version soon. If you'd like us to notify you when it's available to purchase, just email using the subject head "Please Notify Me When THE FINANCIAL SIDE OF GRANT MANAGEMENT Is Available" (no text necessary).

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Print Publications

Program Planning & Proposal Writing, Introductory Version - print

Takes you through each stage of the proposal writing process. 12 pages

Price: $7.00
Program Planning & Proposal Writing, Expanded Version - print

The most widely used guide to proposal writing in the world. Takes you through each stage of the process and includes specific examples of what can make or break a grant proposal. 48 pages

Price: $10.00
Proposal Checklist & Evaluation Form - print

The essential points to consider in proposal writing. Sold in a set of 5.

Price: $10.00
Adapting the Program Planning & Proposal Writing Model - print

A series of five articles on understanding grant proposals for: general operating costs; capacity building; capital requests; arts & culture; and research.

Price: $15.00