Top Giving Foundations: MN

The following list of top giving foundations in MN is derived from The Grantsmanship Center's funding databases. All of the foundations listed have been prescreened to ensure that they have a staff, issue RFPs, or otherwise indicate an interest in receiving proposals. This also means that some foundations who give large amounts of money have been omitted because they do not meet these qualifications. A maximum of forty foundations is listed for each state.

More detailed information about these foundations, including their program areas, types of funding, application procedures, and more can be found on GrantDomain, The Grantsmanship Center's exclusive online database of funding information.

The top giving foundations in the state of MN

Foundation Name Total Annual Giving
The Wells Fargo Foundation $107,542,374
The McKnight Foundation $96,855,000
The Saint Paul Foundation, Inc. $58,833,743
The Minneapolis Foundation $47,827,040
Medtronic Foundation $27,346,947
General Mills Foundation $25,401,047
Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation $23,805,753
The Bush Foundation $23,117,698
U.S. Bancorp Foundation $22,383,998
3M Foundation $21,628,727
Minnesota Community Foundation $16,853,303
Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation $16,724,195
The Blandin Foundation $15,221,483
Target Foundation $14,990,000
Lutheran Community Foundation $11,105,378
The Cargill Foundation $9,484,668
Northwest Area Foundation $9,275,513
Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation $9,187,910
United Health Foundation $8,899,394
Best Buy Children's Foundation $8,857,694
Catholic Community Foundation in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis $8,763,531
The Xcel Energy Foundation $7,014,692
The Hormel Foundation $6,417,669
Arts Midwest $5,970,699
Curtis L. Carlson Foundation $5,706,593
Central Minnesota Community Foundation $5,416,584
F. R. Bigelow Foundation $5,312,762
St. Jude Medical Foundation $4,894,537
Northland Foundation $4,853,922
Ecolab Foundation $4,842,601
Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation $4,760,896
The Pentair Foundation $4,335,332
Initiative Foundation $4,172,325
West Central Initiative $3,766,282
Andreas Foundation $3,542,500
Northwest Minnesota Foundation $3,540,133
The Dorsey and Whitney Foundation $3,495,397
Park Nicollet Foundation $3,469,560
Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation $3,250,791
Southwest Initiative Foundation $3,206,458