Top Giving Foundations: MA

The following list of top giving foundations in MA is derived from The Grantsmanship Center's funding databases. All of the foundations listed have been prescreened to ensure that they have a staff, issue RFPs, or otherwise indicate an interest in receiving proposals. This also means that some foundations who give large amounts of money have been omitted because they do not meet these qualifications. A maximum of forty foundations is listed for each state.

More detailed information about these foundations, including their program areas, types of funding, application procedures, and more can be found on GrantDomain, The Grantsmanship Center's exclusive online database of funding information.

The top giving foundations in the state of MA

Foundation Name Total Annual Giving
Genzyme Charitable Foundation, Inc. $80,305,998
The Boston Foundation, Inc. $79,135,054
Barr Foundation $46,957,501
Yawkey Foundation II $27,497,000
Flatley Foundation $14,805,253
Nellie Mae Education Foundation, Inc. $13,285,604
Highland Street Connection $10,575,893
Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation $9,818,883
China Medical Board of New York, Inc. $9,512,176
Jane's Trust $8,365,061
Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund Trust $7,328,700
The TJX Foundation, Inc. $7,305,232
Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation $7,086,760
Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts $6,947,245
Amelia Peabody Foundation $6,794,698
The Peabody Foundation, Inc. $6,794,698
The George I. Alden Trust $6,566,000
The Liberty Mutual Foundation $6,479,750
John Merck Fund $6,390,269
New Balance Foundation $6,237,216
Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts $6,193,616
Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation $6,048,543
The Melville Charitable Trust $5,572,878
The Hyams Foundation, Inc. $5,485,058
The Cape Cod Foundation $5,421,619
Boston Scientific Foundation, Inc. $5,248,502
Greater Worcester Community Foundation, Inc. $4,470,011
Cedar Tree Foundation $4,376,591
The Red Sox Foundation $4,298,416
Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation $4,233,196
Eos Foundation $4,175,435
The Ellison Foundation $3,985,000
Oral Health Services Foundation, Inc. $3,706,486
DentaQuest Foundation $3,706,486
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation $3,648,344
George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Foundation $3,581,797
Staples Foundation for Learning $3,283,050
Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation $3,094,662
Stoddard Charitable Trust $2,999,000
J.M.R. Barker Foundation $2,791,648