Top Giving Foundations: KY

The following list of top giving foundations in KY is derived from The Grantsmanship Center's funding databases. All of the foundations listed have been prescreened to ensure that they have a staff, issue RFPs, or otherwise indicate an interest in receiving proposals. This also means that some foundations who give large amounts of money have been omitted because they do not meet these qualifications. A maximum of forty foundations is listed for each state.

More detailed information about these foundations, including their program areas, types of funding, application procedures, and more can be found on GrantDomain, The Grantsmanship Center's exclusive online database of funding information.

The top giving foundations in the state of KY

Foundation Name Total Annual Giving
The Community Foundation of Louisville, Inc. $24,400,183
James Graham Brown Foundation, Inc. $15,516,530
Yum! Brands Foundation $6,120,307
WHAS Crusade for Children, Inc. $5,116,618
Blue Grass Community Foundation, Inc. $4,367,201
The Gheens Foundation, Inc. $4,191,651
The Humana Foundation $3,701,410
C.E. and S. Foundation, Inc. $3,524,571
W.L. Lyons Brown Foundation $1,899,095
Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation, Inc. $1,618,508
R.C. Durr Foundation, Inc. $1,474,602
Mildred V. Horn Foundation $1,302,451
The Cralle Foundation, Inc. $807,367
Good Samaritan Foundation, Inc. $773,140
The Norton Foundation $754,700
Omnicare Foundation $737,630
Foundation for the Tri-State Community, Inc. $722,198
LG&E and KU Foundation, Inc. $678,550
Community Foundation of West Kentucky $629,410
Keeneland Foundation $625,000
E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund $440,000
Louise Head Duncan Trust $345,240
Hayswood Foundation, Inc. $244,529
The Abercrombie Foundation $229,425
Charles W. Rosenbaum Foundation, Inc. $224,500
Zantker Charitable Foundation, Inc. $211,250
The Miller Family Foundation, Inc. $210,150
Kentucky Foundation for Women, Inc. $200,500
Lester E. Yeager Charitable Trust B $196,423
V.V. Cooke Foundation Corp. $194,000
William E. Barth Foundation, Inc. $193,100
Stock Yards Bank Foundation Inc. $176,175
The Churchill Downs Foundation Inc. $90,000
Walnut Hall Foundation $15,000
Commonwealth Bank & Trust Charitable Foundation $14,600
National Center for Family Literacy, Inc. $4,500
The William R. Hoch Family Foundation, Inc. $4,000
Brown Badgett Foundation, Inc. $1,000
Farm Income Improvement Foundation, Inc.