Top Giving Foundations: GA

The following list of top giving foundations in GA is derived from The Grantsmanship Center's funding databases. All of the foundations listed have been prescreened to ensure that they have a staff, issue RFPs, or otherwise indicate an interest in receiving proposals. This also means that some foundations who give large amounts of money have been omitted because they do not meet these qualifications. A maximum of forty foundations is listed for each state.

More detailed information about these foundations, including their program areas, types of funding, application procedures, and more can be found on GrantDomain, The Grantsmanship Center's exclusive online database of funding information.

The top giving foundations in the state of GA

Foundation Name Total Annual Giving
Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, Inc. $115,837,317
The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta $96,747,370
The Coca-Cola Foundation, Inc. $56,569,252
The UPS Foundation $39,833,790
Home Depot Foundation $33,635,349
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Inc. $29,221,903
The Goizueta Foundation $28,939,889
J. Bulow Campbell Foundation $24,517,132
O. Wayne Rollins Foundation $15,062,123
Turner Foundation, Inc. $10,674,957
Callaway Foundation, Inc. $10,268,559
Bradley-Turner Foundation, Inc. $8,770,742
Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley $8,378,816
CDC Foundation $8,026,003
The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation $8,020,555
Georgia Power Foundation, Inc. $7,308,037
The Community Foundation for the Central Savannah River Area $6,356,850
The AFLAC Foundation, Inc. $5,327,039
The Courts Foundation, Inc. $4,736,874
Community Foundation of South Georgia, Inc. $4,379,023
Community Foundation of Central Georgia $4,337,354
Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia $4,204,040
The Peyton Anderson Foundation, Inc. $3,936,200
Gay and Erskine Love Foundation $3,659,044
James M. Cox Foundation of Georgia, Inc. $3,555,500
Carlos and Marguerite Mason Trust $3,547,895
Luther and Susie Harrison Foundation, Inc. $3,288,787
William I. H. and Lula E. Pitts Foundation $3,260,872
Dorothy V. and Logan Lewis Foundation, Inc. $3,235,552
The Sartain Lanier Family Foundation, Inc. $3,131,083
Anncox Foundation, Inc. $3,094,810
The Tull Charitable Foundation $3,053,710
The Abraham J. and Phyllis Katz Foundation $2,827,875
North Georgia Community Foundation $2,715,586
Healthcare Georgia Foundation $2,712,700
Georgia-Pacific Foundation, Inc. $2,594,939
AGL Resources Private Foundation $2,532,135
Williams Family Foundation of Georgia, Inc. $2,409,000
The Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia $2,406,201
The Savannah Community Foundation $2,385,730