Top Giving Foundations: DC

The following list of top giving foundations in DC is derived from The Grantsmanship Center's funding databases. All of the foundations listed have been prescreened to ensure that they have a staff, issue RFPs, or otherwise indicate an interest in receiving proposals. This also means that some foundations who give large amounts of money have been omitted because they do not meet these qualifications. A maximum of forty foundations is listed for each state.

More detailed information about these foundations, including their program areas, types of funding, application procedures, and more can be found on GrantDomain, The Grantsmanship Center's exclusive online database of funding information.

The top giving foundations in the state of DC

Foundation Name Total Annual Giving
Stewart R. Mott Foundation $87,641,301
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation $79,970,351
America-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc. $71,163,529
The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region $66,013,951
The Aspen Institute $55,921,443
Pan American Development Foundation $49,557,791
American Near East Refugee Aid $38,232,081
Aga Khan Foundation USA $35,667,117
FINCA International $34,378,304
The Freedom Forum, Inc. $28,463,754
The German Marshall Fund of the United States $23,837,050
Public Welfare Foundation, Inc. $23,476,197
The Wyss Foundation $21,147,628
Summit Fund of Washington $19,882,793
The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation $17,164,660
The Gottesman Fund $16,384,354
AARP Foundation $13,571,769
AIDS United $12,382,685
Moriah Fund $11,570,650
Wallace Global Fund $10,835,023
Freedom House $7,268,889
The Global Fund for Children $7,211,750
Bauman Family Foundation, Inc. $7,124,700
The Wallace Genetic Foundation, Inc. $6,221,000
Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation $5,992,970
The Summit Foundation $5,695,300
The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education $5,332,229
The Ocean Foundation $4,814,144
New Israel Fund $4,366,173
The Middle East Media Research Institute $4,330,146
The Philip L. Graham Fund $4,232,500
The District of Columbia Bar Foundation $3,970,227
Banyan Tree Foundation $3,112,246
The National Environmental Education & Training Foundation, Inc. $3,006,222
Citybridge Foundation $2,988,808
Youth Service America $2,662,606
Washington Area Women's Foundation $2,291,571
Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. $2,240,184
Richard Lounsbery Foundation $2,230,952
The Arca Foundation $2,183,650