Where can we get training on how to properly evaluate our grant-funded programs?

Our federal grant proposals have been funded and we are looking for training on how to properly evaluate the grant-funded programs.

All grant proposals should include a plan for evaluating the grant-funded program. But, if the proposal did not include an evaluation plan, here are a couple of thoughts:

1. Contact the person at the federal agency in charge of your grant program. Most federal agencies have substantial information about evaluating the kind of programs they fund. The federal contact person should be able to give you advice.

2. Discuss your agency’s needs with an expert from a local university who is involved in your field and in program evaluation. This expert may be able to provide guidance, provide training, assist you in evaluating your programs, or refer you to someone more appropriate for the task. If you don’t know who to contact, call the department at the university that relates to your field and ask for a referral.

3. Speak with staff members at other organizations who offer similar services and find out how they evaluate their work.

4. Contact staff at state agencies who are involved in your field and ask if they have suggestions.