Can a for-profit company write applications that eligible applicants will submit in order to purchase our products?

Can we, as a for-profit private company, write applications for grants that will be used by a third party such as a school district or police department to purchase our products? We want to offer potential clients grant writing services. If they choose to use this service we would expect that they would use the grant money for our products. Is this a no-no? Could we offer the service but not require the purchase of our services?
Your company can develop grant proposals that will be submitted by a government entity or not-for-profit organization that is an eligible applicant for a particular competition. It is the applicant organization's responsibility to make sure the proposals are accurate and that the budget is appropriate. It's their responsibility to carry out due diligence and adhere to the procurement processes of both the grant-making agency and their own organization. Sometimes procurement processes (requiring three bids, or something like that) might be done before you help them develop the proposal. You would be providing a service that is bundled with your product.

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