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GrantDomain is a user-friendly and continually updated funder database of foundation, corporate, and federal grantmakers from TGCI. This affordable tool helps you find the right funders for your work, while saving you aggravation, time, and money. Anyone can purchase a GrantDomain account by check, purchase order, or credit card. Training graduates receive an account as part of their alumni membership.Try GrantDomain for 30 days and if you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your payment–no questions asked. Grantdomain accounts are $495 for 1 year, $695 for 2 years and $795 for 3 years.


Federal Funding

Each working day of the year the professional research team at TGCI examines, the Federal Register, and other government sites to identify new funding opportunities. We then post them in our federal grants database, along with a concise summary of the announcement. You can search the database by:

  • Announcement date

  • Funding agency

  • Keywords

  • Program area

  • Program title

  • CFDA number (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance)

The summary information on each listing helps you check if the grant would be a good match for your organization’s work and a continually updated calendar of proposal deadlines makes it easy to plan ahead. You can see which competitions are still open or scan through closed competitions to plan for promising funding programs  that are likely to reopen. Links connect you directly to federal and state funding sites so you won’t have to search through hundreds of websites and bookmark the pages yourself.
We also pass along news about changes in the federal grantmaking process that might affect grantees.


Foundation Grants

Searching for foundation grants can be time-consuming and the fees for online directories often exceed an organization’s budget. Using library resources can be inconvenient and the time allowed on-line can be limited.

Unlike other online services, GrantDomain screens foundations to ensure that they have a staff, and issue grant announcements or otherwise indicate an interest in receiving proposals. In other words, we've targeted foundations that actually consider applications for funding. We want you to avoid plowing through mounds of data from small foundations that give only to pre-selected recipients and likely won’t make grants to organizations like yours. You can search GrantDomain's foundation database by:

  • Foundation name

  • Geographic giving preference

  • Program area

  • Types of support

  • Keywords

GrantDomain continuously gives you new foundation announcements to keep you abreast of changing priorities and new initiatives at the foundations in which you have a special interest.


Corporate Giving

Our corporate database includes more than 1,200 corporations and another 1,000 corporate foundations. Location is essential for corporate giving, so this database helps you target the major companies that have expressed interest in your geographic area. GrantDomain also tells you what kinds of charitable programs each company offers, including: direct corporate giving, matching gifts, donations of goods and services, and volunteer time.

You can search the corporate database by:

  • Company name

  • Keywords

  • City, county, or zip code to find companies with headquarters, branches or subsidiaries in your area


Check out the FAQs below. If you don’t find the answers you need or if you would like to speak with us about GrantDomain, email or call The Grantsmanship Center at (800) 421-9512 or (213) 482-9860.



Answers to a couple questions:

How does GrantDomain compare to other on-line services?
Most funding databases focus on one, or maybe two kinds of funding sources. But GrantDomain covers all three—foundation, corporate, and federal grants. It provides reliable, up-to-date information and costs less than most other services.

What's the difference between the Grantsmanship Center’s Membership Program and GrantDomain?
Graduates of The Grantsmanship Center trainings receive a Full or Associate membership depending on the training they have completed. Both types include access to the GrantDomain database as well as other support described here. People who have not completed our training may purchase a GrantDomain account to access the database.