For Grant Makers

Grants are social investments...

...and we understand that you want those investments to have lasting impact. The Grantsmanship Center Consulting can help you accomplish this. For more than 40 years, our celebrated program planning and proposal development model has helped thousands of organizations design and deliver programs that produce measurable results.

Working in partnership with funders, our consultants and trainers can build the capacity of your grantees to plan strong programs, collaborate more effectively with other organizations, identify other sources of funding, develop logical and compelling grant proposals, and develop new revenue streams.

We bring a deep and broad understanding of the grantseeker’s perspective when we work with grantmakers to establish or update systems for soliciting grant proposals, reviewing proposals, providing feedback to grant applicants, establishing reporting requirements, and more!


Capacity-Building Projects

We've worked with a variety of grantmakers to build the capacity of grantseekers. The design of each project depends on the needs of the grantseekers and the outcomes the grantmaker wishes to achieve.

Example – Project Grantsmanship

In 2007, the Annenberg Foundation and the California Community Foundation asked The Grantsmanship Center to collaborate in a capacity-building project for Los Angeles County nonprofitsProject Grantsmanship.

The goal of Project Grantsmanship is to develop the ability of these nonprofits to plan strong programs, collaborate with colleagues, and prepare sound and compelling proposals for funding. The Dwight Stuart Youth Fund, the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation and the S. Mark Taper Foundation have also joined this collaboration.

Built into Project Grantsmanship from its inception is a multiyear evaluation of the training by an independent consultant, Dr. Ron Jacobs, of San Diego State University. Dr. Jacobs has assessed 381 graduates (as of this date) of this training since 2008. His findings document the effectiveness of The Grantsmanship Center’s training:

- Graduates averaged a 58% increase in the knowledge and skills essential to effective proposal writing.

- The graduates’ satisfaction with the training averaged 9.63 on a 10-point scale.

- A six-month follow-up study of 125 representative graduates showed that the applications they submitted within 6 months of the training resulted in grant awards totaling over $5 million. 100% of those who won grants said the training helped, and 80% attributed their success substantially to the training.

- Graduates also said their organizations were using research tools more effectively to match funders to their programs; planning better programs; writing more measurable outcomes; starting or improving their program evaluations; increasing their emphasis on sustainability; and involving their clients more in program planning.


The Grantsmanship Center builds the capacity of grantseekers to:

  • Plan solid programs
  • Write clear and logical proposals
  • Construct thorough, accurate, and reasonable budgets
  • Provide concise and informative program reports
  • Design simple program evaluation plans
  • Manage grants effectively


Providing a Grantseeker’s Perspective

The Grantsmanship Center consultants can assist you in making your processes as effective and user-friendly as possible for grantseekers. We can:

  • Review application guidelines and suggest changes to help grantseekers submit more appropriate and logical proposals
  • Help establish or revise processes for proposal review and suggest workable systems for providing applicants with helpful feedback
  • Facilitate your proposal review process
  • Provide workshops on topics relevant to grantmakers—the essential elements of a strong proposal, logic models, grant management systems, capacity-building assessments…to name just a few.



The cost of The Grantsmanship Center Consulting  to grantmakers depends upon the project’s complexity and duration. We will work with you collaboratively to plan the project and establish a budget.


For more information

Call or email Barbara Floersch, Executive Director at (800) 421-9512 ext 232 or Barbara  will be happy to discuss your specific needs and how we can help you achieve your goals.