Resources for Grantmakers

Grants are investments which ideally produce lasting, positive social impact. A passion to help make long-term, positive change fuels the work of The Grantsmanship Center. We work with both grantseekers and grantmakers to create better communities. How? Our training, publications and consulting includes:

Planning that results in better program outcomes

Our training emphasizes the importance of designing programs that use appropriate methods to meet documented needs and to achieve realistic, measurable outcomes. By bringing our training to your service area, you can build the effectiveness of local service providers.

Sustainability—a broader, more stable funding platform

Our training can help your grantees identify the most appropriate mix of funding sources and methods to support their programs and services over the long term.

High-impact investments for grantmakers

Our training in grant proposal development and logic models can help your staff sharpen their skills in assessing grant requests. Our consultants bring decades of experience from both sides of philanthropy to help focus application guidelines so that they generate thorough responses that are well aligned with your priorities. We also offer help with developing application review processes, reporting requirements, and grant award documents.

A variety of partnership models

To increase the capacity of local organizations, many grantmakers host or sponsor our trainings in their service area. Others underwrite the cost of tuition for grant recipients to attend our trainings. Some funders contract with us to provide customized training specifically designed to help their grantees develop program sustainability.

For example, recently we provided a series of 2-day Essential Grant Skills trainings for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, to help staff of vital, community-based programs learn how to build and sustain the services they provide.

We also offer Consulting Services for grantmakers to help increase the quality of grant proposals they receive and produce higher levels of impact for grant-funded programs. Because we always advise grantseekers to "follow the grantmaker guidelines—no matter what," how wonderful it is for everyone when guidelines are clear, consistent and well-written.


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